Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Haul & Early Birthday Gift.

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Thank you Sephora for the early birthday gift.  I went to the mall with my dad to buy his vitamins, since were already there might as well just get my gift at Sephora! And here's what they gave me...

fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo
Cool huh? These are small lipbalms. It has a minty smell to it. I like it! I'm not really into lip glosses or lip balms but I read that these are lip treatments. This will help me with my dry lips which I really dislike right now. Thanks Sephora! You're the best! ;D

Garnier BB Cream

I also bought this today. I've been wanting to buy BB cream and I saw this on TV. I also saw reviews on Youtube and I wanted to give it a try. A lady from Youtube said that it will make you look oily when you put it on. Yes, she is right! I looked so oily when I tried it so I don't recommend this to people with oily face. I thought I got the wrong shade because I was suppose to get the Light/Medium but I accidentally grab Medium/Deep. It was still good. It matches my skin color. I thought it would make me look darker. I guess the Light/Medium is for the people who has really pale skin. Also when I tried this, it had this citrusy smell. Like Garnier Shampoo smell. I like it :>

RILAKUMMA! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

I got this when I went to L.A. at China Town :D ITS CUTE RIGHT!?  (*≧▽≦) I will TOTALLY use this when I get home!

HELLO KITTY! ( =①ω①=)

Last item. Hello Kitty Sunnies! with my awkward ribbon and creeper chair! :D (LOL! I didn't know what else to put on the second picture.) You can't really see the ribbon on the picture because I don't have a good lighting in my room. You can click the picture to view original size, you'll see it :3 This is actually for my niece but I guess we'll just have to share (。・`ω´・。) kekekeke~

Hope you guys are having a good day!


Roselyn said...

I want to try bb cream for the longest time but I haven't tried it yet. I don't know what kind of bb cream is good for me. I guess, I'll have to ask the ladies at Etude House in the nearest mall here, one day.

Cute rilakkuma bag is cute. I also have a rilakkuma shoulder bag. I bought it on ebay last Feb. Ke. I'm into cute plushie bags lately. >_<

Can't wait for you to go back here in PH. I hope our blogmates meetup will push through. :)

Joyce said...

ouu the lip sugar doesn't look too bad. lol sephora always has crappy bday gifts for me so i'm always too lazy to pick them up at their store lol! ahh i would recommend korean bb cream instead! american bb cream is kind of a cop out i think. Love your new bookbag, it's so cute! the sunnies look great on you too ^_^


Aencille said...

I tried BB cream a few days ago. It felt icky and oily when I put it on. But when I tried putting loose powder over it, it felt smooth and it omitted the oily feeling. I don't know if that's how you really do it, but it actually works for me!

Cute bag there!

Alex said...

awww cute lipbalmy thingys! heehe i love the freeebies from sephora too!

ah , i never tried that bb cream though it was pretty big when garnier released it because i think it's one of the first drugstore brands to release bb creams in the US! glad the dark color wasn't too dark! i agree, bb cream whitens the face too much so i guess the darker color would blend!

cute bag and sunnies btw! hehehe

alex @

Jen said...

Cute bag and sunnies!! :) OH,happy birthday!! :)

Anndrea said...

Yeah I tried a sample of that BB cream at the store and it made my hand super oily!!!

That is such an adorable bag though!

Bea said...

Hohoho~ wow lucky! A gift from Sephora. And I like that BB cream for everyday use. :D

Also, please update yer linkie~ I have now moved to!

Pam said...

Free gifts are always nice :D Is it still advance happy birthday if I greet you now? Or is it belated already? Anyway, happy birthday!

Cute Rilakumma bag!!

Lixin said...

Happy birthday! I'm not sure when your birthday is exactly but it should be around this time now so yes, happy birthday! Hope you had/will have a wonderful time!

I've got dry lips all the time too until I tried this tinted lip spa by NYX. It's cheap, yet very effective in keeping your lips soft and moist. If you like the minty feeling those balms give you, you'll surely like NYX's too. NYX's lip spa comes in many pretty colours, too, so it serves as a lipstick AND a balm and makes sure your lips look nice and sweet hahaha :-)

And I bought Garnier's BB cream and the first time I tried it I THOUGHT it was good but can I just say that it sucks, really. It's SO greasy and it makes your face look super oily and I don't even have oily skin! It doesn't really stay on your skin and I don't really like the colour my skin becomes after I've used it. I've tried Ginvera's green tea BB cream and I think that is good! It doesn't make your face look oily, and it really makes your complexion seem clearer. Just a tiny drop is enough to do the job.

Euri said...

I've nominated you in a Leibster Award here: