Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Idle Banter

I was feeling so crappy this morning. (2:11AM) and read this article about how love is not perfect. I will just post the paragraphs that really spoke to me. (WARNING: You're about to read some serious stuff. Please read with caution LOL! Let me remind you this is at 2:39AM.) I might delete this stupid post when I get some sleep. Seriously no sleep yet. Not healthy at all :I

Monday, November 28, 2011


Harro! Sorry if I didn't update for a long time. I was not in the mood to blog the crappy things that happened to me for the last couple of days.

So anyway, Thanksgiving was on Thursday. We went to my lolo and lola's house to celebrate it. I got to see my cousins again and its been months since we last saw each other so I was really happy to hang out with them again. I only enjoyed it because of them. I don't really care about the adults since they give a damn about what we want to do on Thanksgiving KJ's for short. While we were waiting for the food, me and my cousins did a mini-photoshoot. I mentioned this on my previous post that I was inspired to do one and use them as a model. We took a lot of pictures before it got dark. It was really fun taking their pictures. We were making weird poses when we couldn't think of what pose to do. I edited two pictures today. I'll post one or two pics whenever I update my blog. I still have to edit a lot of pictures

Maria with the Dandelion. (Click for HQ)
Musni Sisters (Click for HQ)

Is it good? I wish I can show you guys all of the pictures I took. I'll post the pictures when I edit them. Post them here like Photo of the day or something

After that, we went back inside the house to eat Turkey, Ham, Pancit, and Shumai. There was a lot of food. I wish Papa went with us but sadly he didn't want to go cause of our evil relatives. I really wish he did though.. Cause we wanted to go to the stores or maybe the outlet mall at 12am for Black Friday but Maria's mom the witch was being a kill joy. Told us to just go tomorrow. So we just stayed up till 5am. Just talking about life, going downstairs to eat, and do our ghetto karaoke on Rae's laptop hahaha! We didn't care if we were loud. That was the only day we can see each other again. Hopefully in Christmas we see each other again. I really want to hang out with them as much as I want before I go back to the Philippines. I still didn't tell them yet cause I know they're going to be really sad and might think of leaving too and change what they're planning when they graduate. I don't want them to do that just because of me leaving this worldly place America. So I was planning to tell them in Christmas when we see each other again.

The next day, we woke up early even though we were SOO TIRED. So we can go to the stores and get some good deals because of the thanksgiving sales. But MY AUNTIES WERE BEING ALL A BUTT. We didn't even go anywhere. Always doing this to us. If we went that night, I might have got the PS3 game that I really want. Because before I left the house, I was looking at the brochures of the stores that has a good sale on Black Friday and I saw 'Heavy Rain' for just $15.00. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. The game was originally $50 or $60. That witch ruined everything. I wish we just sneaked out of the house. I regret not doing that =____=;

Even though we didn't get to go anywhere that day, I was happy that I had a good talk with my cousins. I had a really good laugh that night. We even shed some tears because I started talking about how my Lolo said to my uncle to take care of my Lola cause he thought he wasn't gonna make it when they had to rush him to the hospital. I stopped my story cause they were getting teary. I was getting teary too. Then Rio started telling us how she saw my Lolo brushing my Lola's hair then they started crying The only reason why I went to my lolo and lola's house to see my grandparents and to hang out with my cousins. I don't care about my aunties. I know its mean but if you meet them, you would want to get a knife and just stab them till they're dead.

When I got home, it was already 7pm. I still asked my dad if we can go to the stores. Maybe I can still find the game that I was suppose to buy at my grandparent's place. Sadly, it was already sold out. Crazy shoppers at Black Friday I tell you lol. They are no joke. The stores are so messy. Products all over the place. I feel bad for the sales people cause they have to clean and rearrange everything all night.

My Thanksgiving wouldn't be fun if it weren't for my cousins. We really need a month to do the things we REALLY want to do. A week is not enough for me lol. We still need to do a dance cover...  I am thankful for them. They made me forget my problems. When I was with them, it felt like nothing sad happened to me. They helped me recover fast. I even told them that when we get back home, we're going back to reality again hahaha. Rae will be hopeless again, Maria will be stressed, I will be depressed and heartbroken, and Rio will be back enjoying her youth. LOL! she's the youngest, that's why she's the only positive one. I love them so much

I am thankful for my parents too for being supportive about my plan on going back to the Philippines to continue my college there. I feel bad because they're spending so much money just to fix my papers so I can stay there for years. I wish I had a job so I can help them but stupid mall stores didn't hire me.

Thank you God for always being there for me and for the people I love. Please keep protecting them. Thank you for all the blessings and I hope we will have a good Christmas this year even though it will not be the same anymore.

Thank you to the people who commented on my last post. I just saw that on tumblr. I didn't want to blog about what I was feeling at that time so that picture just sums up what I was feeling. Thank you guys, your comments made me feel a little bit better. It would made me feel better if I have more followers .__. ! just kidding .

Oh! and Welcome back Xian!! Hindi ka rin nakatiis LOL! I'm happy that everyone is back to blogging . Guess who started it? teeheee~

I hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving too :) Don't forget about thanking God also 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Weekend

So yesterday I was suppose to update but I was sooo tired and lazy so I thought I would just update today. 
First, I told my cousin that I want to visit her house and do a mini-photoshoot. I was so inspired last week that I wanted to do one, the only person I thought of using as my model is my cousin. Since Papa didn't have work yesterday, I borrowed the car and drove to my cousin's house. Actually, our original plan was to watch Breaking Dawn but I told her if her mom says no then I'll just go to her house and we can just do a photoshoot. I went there but didn't do a photoshoot cause we were scared that her mom would get mad at us. And my cousin really wanted to go to the mall and watch a movie... So she asked her mom if we can go to the mall and she drove us there. I guess it was fine for me not doing the photoshoot. All I wanted to do was hang out with my cousin as much as I can before I leave this evil place California. We went to Forever 21 and saw these ribbon headbands for just a dollar. It was so cute, at first we were trying it on and I told Maria that the blue headband matches her blue dress that she always wear. Then she said that since its just a dollar, lets buy one! Me and Maria have this thing when we have money, we buy couple/matching things. We're like a couple when we're together. No homo! LOL. Me and my cousins are weird like that, its too gay sometimes but we're just like that (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*) 

Le Black Ribbon

I apologize. My room is so messy. I put all my stuff on my bed and just clean it when I'm getting to go to sleep. Anyway! Yes this the black ribbon. I wasn't really going to buy the black cause I know it won't be noticeable. It will just camouflage with my hair since its black but hey it looked good in the picture (ノ´∀`*)ノ Hooray~

Le Pink Ribbon

Next is the Pink Ribbon. Lol! More mess shown in the picture. I am sooo sorry (; ̄д ̄) Just don't look at it. Look at my distracting super pink ribbon on my head :D I bought the pink and Maria bought the blue green ribbon. It looks really girly... I like it :3 I just need an outfit that will match this ribbon. 

You might have noticed that I am wearing make up in the pictures. Not only we bought the ribbons, we also bought make up before we left the mall. I've been wanting to buy pink lipstick for a very long time now. Yesterday was the day I found the perfect pink lipstick I wanted. That lipstick in the picture was not the one haha, that's my other pink lipstick. The pink lipstick that I bought yesterday was a lighter shade of pink.

I don't own this image.

This is what the color I bought. Its so cute! :D I wanted to take a picture wearing it but I can't see it on my low quality webcam. So I just used the other lipstick since its more pink and it matches the pink ribbon :3
Then I also bought blush, loose powder, and eyelash curler. Wala na ubos na pera ko hahaha! No actually, they are all cheap. They are less than 3 dollars except for the loose powder and lipstick >,> 

When I got home, I asked Papa if we can watch a movie. We watched Letters from Iwo Jima. I'm not really into war movies but this movie is legit. Its really good but sad. And Ninomiya from ARASHI was one of the main characters so I was curious how his acting was going to be like since this a serious movie. He was really good o__o.. better than Matsujun? hmm I'll have to say yes. Ninomiya's acting was good and it made me sad. When I think about Matsujun I think about Hana Yori Dango hahaha! I got used to his arrogant and self-centeredness in that drama. I really liked the movie but it was kinda awkward cause it was in Japanese and I feel like Papa wasn't really reading the subs. So I had to tell him what's going on lol.

Sunday, I asked Papa to wake me up in the morning cause I wanted to go jogging. We went to the park near our place. It was really cold @__@; but it all went away when we started jogging. HOLY KIMCHI I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ at first it was all smooth but then when we got to the steep-ish part of the park that's when I start dying hahaha! We jogged around the park 3 times. It felt good but after the jog I felt like throwing up xD I'm such a fatty I guess cause I didn't have food in my stomach and I slept late again last night. I want to keep jogging with Papa whenever he doesn't have work. I'm getting chubby TT__TT that's why I'm doing this haha. Then when we got back home we watched another movie. This time we watched Sherlock Holmes. I love the twist at the end. That's all I'm going to say. :DI took a nap after that then ate lunch.

My weekend was funner that last week. Hopefully this week will be fun again since Thanksgiving will be this Thursday. YEY TURKEY! and lots of food! :D then the next day is Black Friday.. SHOPPING! XD

By the way, thank you guys who commented about my outfit on my last post. I'm glad you guys liked it. I was going to post a picture of my outfit but my canon was being retarded, actually the USB was being retarded so I didn't post it anymore. Oh! and Umi, the person who also commented on my last post, if you want to link exchange let me know, I would love to add you to my blog :) 

Its raining today so I am oing to chill now, drink my hot coffee, and listen to some Final Fantasy instrumentals lol! Jah~

Friday, November 18, 2011

'Come Home' Musical

Come Home: A Thanksgiving Musical

 I went to my former high school to watch their Thanksgiving Musical today :)
My cousin Maria was one of the main characters in the play. I wanted to see watch and support her so I bought my ticket yesterday. I wish Rae and Rio went to watch too, but sadly the witch (their mother) has work today so they didn't get to go.

So the musical was great! (as always) Dav!d and Kr!sten did a good job being the directors of the play. All the actors were awesome, specially Maria's group haha. "The Kontrabidas" lol. The play was based of the story, The Prodigal Son. You know, the one in the Bible? Yeah that one. Nathan was the Prodigal Son haha. He was good. He's always good in acting. He made me laugh at the part when he was eating something in the garbage and someone said "Ew!" then he said to the person, "You're Ew!" LOL! Thank you Dav!d for making Final Fantasy IX's ost the background music. I was enjoying the musical so much because of it xD He's my FF9 buddy. I can't believe that someone from that school loves FF9. Usually people will tell me they like Cloud, Yuna, and Squall. The famous characters in the FF world but I was so happy when Dav!d said he liked Zidane. Its cool cause their setting was a city in the night. Then he used "The Sleepless City Treno" theme song during the first act. SO HAPPY! HAHAHA. He used lots of FF9 songs that made me happy :3 obvious naman.

I was suppose to drive there but Janelle called me and said that I can just ride with her. So I was with her and Joan!e the whole time and Janelle dropped me off after the musical. Oh! and of course before I left, I had to take a picture with my beloved cousin.

Janelle took this that's why Maria is blurry -.-

Then I told Janelle to take another one cause as you can see my cousin was blurry. Nathan was there so I asked him to be in the picture too since he was the main character in the play.

Ugh, I look so short.. and its a little bit blurry again.

Janelle took a first picture of this but It was blurry so I told her AGAIN to take another one so this one was a little bit okay haha.

The whole cast (click for full-view)

I stole that from Facebook hahaha. I was lazy to bring my canon. I didn't want to bring something heavy. Overall, it was a good day. Got a chance to see my cousin since its been so long since I saw her. I hope I can hang out with her on Saturday. I told her that I have two free tickets, we can watch Breaking Dawn hahaha! I hope they win tomorrow for their volleyball game.

Before I forget.. 

Comment box fixed. Now you guys can comment on my posts now! Nyeeey~
Cbox posted on "TAG" section. I know I usually put my cbox on my sidebar but I didn't want to waste the 'Tag' section of this layout so if you wanna leave a message just go there :)
Accepting blog followers! :D 

I guess that's it for today. Its already 2AM '죽어도못보내내가어떻게널보내~♪' lol. I'm gonna get ugly even more I need to sleep. Jah~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So complicated!

UGH! Disqus is so complicated.
I'm getting sleepy D:
I need to take a break from trying to figure this thing out.
=____=.. I'll update later or tomorrow morning.

Too Lazy

Didn't go to school today (; ̄ェ ̄) 
Too lazy... and I didn't get to sleep a lot today.
Hahaha. My picture looks weird.
I hope I get followers >,>
My blog feels lonely.. .__.
I'm happy that Ate Maw is going to blog again haha!
Okay well I'm gonna go back to sleep. Jah~

New blog, more ranting.


Yes! I am back on blogging. I am happy to be back. I wish I made my own layout but I'm new on using blogspot or blogger. Too lazy to learn how to make one for this site hahaha (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ I was thinking of just making a new tumblr account and make that my main blog but its just too much since I already have a tumblr account. I don't want to log in and out just to go to the other one. Why don't I just use my tumblr account? Err.. I have so much reblogs there and I will keep reblogging stuff on my dashboard haha. Then my main posts will be buried because of all the reblogs. And I can't rant on tumblr, I want to rant about this one follower I have on tumblr but I can't since that person is following me. So I decided to make a blogspot and make this, hopefully my main blog. (`・ω・´)” I want to keep updating this blog even when I come back to the Philippines next year. So excited! (>y<)On this blog there will be more ranting, more stuff about what I have been doing everyday more pictures of course and maybe videos. Like I said, I will keep updating this blog so it can stay alive hahaha!

Earlier before I took a shower, I wanted to test out the thickening spray that I bought at Walgreens. It's called Samy Fat Hair Spray. What does it do? Simple, it makes your hair fat haha! So I curled my hair then sprayed it. I'm not sure if it worked but it made my hair softer (´・ω・`) since I already did my hair, might as well put on make up. 

I tried doing the make up tutorial from Tsubasa Masuwaka on Popteen Magazine. Her eye make up in the magazine had black and blue eye liner. I didn't have blue eye liner to I only used black. As you can see in the picture, I used white also on my waterline. Seriously... eye make up is so hard to put on. (* ̄m ̄) I just started buying and using make up so my eyes are not use to me putting on eye liner so I always blink then it ruins the straight line I made on my eyelid lol. 

This is the hairstyle I did. Nothing special about it, just curled it (;¬_¬) still learning how to do other hairstyles .__. I'm such at noob at being girly... I tied my bangs 'cause it was deformed. It didn't look pretty. My bangs are too long, I don't like it anymore. I need a haircut so bad but I have to wait 'till next year. Oh and yes I took my pictures in the bathroom haha. My bathroom has good lighting okay D:

Another picture without the ponytail. I didn't show the bangs part cause it was ugly (┳ _ ┳;) in some angles it looked pretty but of course I wasn't gonna post that here hahaha. Oh! and I also put on blush and lip gloss but you can't really see in the pictures cause of the lighting. Yes it was good lighting but it made me look yellow .__. and I only used my cellphone camera. Too lazy to get my canon. I wish the blush showed T--T

Then after all these cam whoring, I took a shower and erased my make up. :( I stayed in the bathroom for a long time just to do all these haha. Maybe cause I took so many pictures (¬、¬) 

To end my first post on this new blog, here's a picture of me doing a Konata smile:

Hahaha! Do we look the same? If only the blush showed in the photo and I have blue hair (>y<)and maybe this photo can be consider as a fail eye smile since I was trying to do an eye smile but my eyes are not qualified to do one.
Wow.. I didn't notice the time. It's already 2:33 AM. I still have school tomorrow, have to wake up early =o=; Oh well, see you next update! Goodnight/morning minna~ :3