Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Weekend

So yesterday I was suppose to update but I was sooo tired and lazy so I thought I would just update today. 
First, I told my cousin that I want to visit her house and do a mini-photoshoot. I was so inspired last week that I wanted to do one, the only person I thought of using as my model is my cousin. Since Papa didn't have work yesterday, I borrowed the car and drove to my cousin's house. Actually, our original plan was to watch Breaking Dawn but I told her if her mom says no then I'll just go to her house and we can just do a photoshoot. I went there but didn't do a photoshoot cause we were scared that her mom would get mad at us. And my cousin really wanted to go to the mall and watch a movie... So she asked her mom if we can go to the mall and she drove us there. I guess it was fine for me not doing the photoshoot. All I wanted to do was hang out with my cousin as much as I can before I leave this evil place California. We went to Forever 21 and saw these ribbon headbands for just a dollar. It was so cute, at first we were trying it on and I told Maria that the blue headband matches her blue dress that she always wear. Then she said that since its just a dollar, lets buy one! Me and Maria have this thing when we have money, we buy couple/matching things. We're like a couple when we're together. No homo! LOL. Me and my cousins are weird like that, its too gay sometimes but we're just like that (◎`・ω・´)人(´・ω・`*) 

Le Black Ribbon

I apologize. My room is so messy. I put all my stuff on my bed and just clean it when I'm getting to go to sleep. Anyway! Yes this the black ribbon. I wasn't really going to buy the black cause I know it won't be noticeable. It will just camouflage with my hair since its black but hey it looked good in the picture (ノ´∀`*)ノ Hooray~

Le Pink Ribbon

Next is the Pink Ribbon. Lol! More mess shown in the picture. I am sooo sorry (; ̄д ̄) Just don't look at it. Look at my distracting super pink ribbon on my head :D I bought the pink and Maria bought the blue green ribbon. It looks really girly... I like it :3 I just need an outfit that will match this ribbon. 

You might have noticed that I am wearing make up in the pictures. Not only we bought the ribbons, we also bought make up before we left the mall. I've been wanting to buy pink lipstick for a very long time now. Yesterday was the day I found the perfect pink lipstick I wanted. That lipstick in the picture was not the one haha, that's my other pink lipstick. The pink lipstick that I bought yesterday was a lighter shade of pink.

I don't own this image.

This is what the color I bought. Its so cute! :D I wanted to take a picture wearing it but I can't see it on my low quality webcam. So I just used the other lipstick since its more pink and it matches the pink ribbon :3
Then I also bought blush, loose powder, and eyelash curler. Wala na ubos na pera ko hahaha! No actually, they are all cheap. They are less than 3 dollars except for the loose powder and lipstick >,> 

When I got home, I asked Papa if we can watch a movie. We watched Letters from Iwo Jima. I'm not really into war movies but this movie is legit. Its really good but sad. And Ninomiya from ARASHI was one of the main characters so I was curious how his acting was going to be like since this a serious movie. He was really good o__o.. better than Matsujun? hmm I'll have to say yes. Ninomiya's acting was good and it made me sad. When I think about Matsujun I think about Hana Yori Dango hahaha! I got used to his arrogant and self-centeredness in that drama. I really liked the movie but it was kinda awkward cause it was in Japanese and I feel like Papa wasn't really reading the subs. So I had to tell him what's going on lol.

Sunday, I asked Papa to wake me up in the morning cause I wanted to go jogging. We went to the park near our place. It was really cold @__@; but it all went away when we started jogging. HOLY KIMCHI I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE (ノ ̄д ̄)ノ at first it was all smooth but then when we got to the steep-ish part of the park that's when I start dying hahaha! We jogged around the park 3 times. It felt good but after the jog I felt like throwing up xD I'm such a fatty I guess cause I didn't have food in my stomach and I slept late again last night. I want to keep jogging with Papa whenever he doesn't have work. I'm getting chubby TT__TT that's why I'm doing this haha. Then when we got back home we watched another movie. This time we watched Sherlock Holmes. I love the twist at the end. That's all I'm going to say. :DI took a nap after that then ate lunch.

My weekend was funner that last week. Hopefully this week will be fun again since Thanksgiving will be this Thursday. YEY TURKEY! and lots of food! :D then the next day is Black Friday.. SHOPPING! XD

By the way, thank you guys who commented about my outfit on my last post. I'm glad you guys liked it. I was going to post a picture of my outfit but my canon was being retarded, actually the USB was being retarded so I didn't post it anymore. Oh! and Umi, the person who also commented on my last post, if you want to link exchange let me know, I would love to add you to my blog :) 

Its raining today so I am oing to chill now, drink my hot coffee, and listen to some Final Fantasy instrumentals lol! Jah~

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Hiyono said...

I WANNA DO THE SAME THINGS YOU DO WITH YOUR COUSIN... BOOHUHUHU~ Imouto let's do that when you come back home. Ne? Those ribbons look gorgeous. You're gorgeous! Hihi. Becoming extra girly now ee? I envy you!

Oh. I've watched Iwo Jima ages ago. Nino's actually my favorite ARASHI member. I find him more attractive than MatsuJun, if you ask me.

It's actually raining here in the Philippines. What a coincidence!