Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New blog, more ranting.


Yes! I am back on blogging. I am happy to be back. I wish I made my own layout but I'm new on using blogspot or blogger. Too lazy to learn how to make one for this site hahaha (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ I was thinking of just making a new tumblr account and make that my main blog but its just too much since I already have a tumblr account. I don't want to log in and out just to go to the other one. Why don't I just use my tumblr account? Err.. I have so much reblogs there and I will keep reblogging stuff on my dashboard haha. Then my main posts will be buried because of all the reblogs. And I can't rant on tumblr, I want to rant about this one follower I have on tumblr but I can't since that person is following me. So I decided to make a blogspot and make this, hopefully my main blog. (`・ω・´)” I want to keep updating this blog even when I come back to the Philippines next year. So excited! (>y<)On this blog there will be more ranting, more stuff about what I have been doing everyday more pictures of course and maybe videos. Like I said, I will keep updating this blog so it can stay alive hahaha!

Earlier before I took a shower, I wanted to test out the thickening spray that I bought at Walgreens. It's called Samy Fat Hair Spray. What does it do? Simple, it makes your hair fat haha! So I curled my hair then sprayed it. I'm not sure if it worked but it made my hair softer (´・ω・`) since I already did my hair, might as well put on make up. 

I tried doing the make up tutorial from Tsubasa Masuwaka on Popteen Magazine. Her eye make up in the magazine had black and blue eye liner. I didn't have blue eye liner to I only used black. As you can see in the picture, I used white also on my waterline. Seriously... eye make up is so hard to put on. (* ̄m ̄) I just started buying and using make up so my eyes are not use to me putting on eye liner so I always blink then it ruins the straight line I made on my eyelid lol. 

This is the hairstyle I did. Nothing special about it, just curled it (;¬_¬) still learning how to do other hairstyles .__. I'm such at noob at being girly... I tied my bangs 'cause it was deformed. It didn't look pretty. My bangs are too long, I don't like it anymore. I need a haircut so bad but I have to wait 'till next year. Oh and yes I took my pictures in the bathroom haha. My bathroom has good lighting okay D:

Another picture without the ponytail. I didn't show the bangs part cause it was ugly (┳ _ ┳;) in some angles it looked pretty but of course I wasn't gonna post that here hahaha. Oh! and I also put on blush and lip gloss but you can't really see in the pictures cause of the lighting. Yes it was good lighting but it made me look yellow .__. and I only used my cellphone camera. Too lazy to get my canon. I wish the blush showed T--T

Then after all these cam whoring, I took a shower and erased my make up. :( I stayed in the bathroom for a long time just to do all these haha. Maybe cause I took so many pictures (¬、¬) 

To end my first post on this new blog, here's a picture of me doing a Konata smile:

Hahaha! Do we look the same? If only the blush showed in the photo and I have blue hair (>y<)and maybe this photo can be consider as a fail eye smile since I was trying to do an eye smile but my eyes are not qualified to do one.
Wow.. I didn't notice the time. It's already 2:33 AM. I still have school tomorrow, have to wake up early =o=; Oh well, see you next update! Goodnight/morning minna~ :3

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Hiyono said...

Pareho lang tayong noob when it comes to girly stuff. Huhuhu... you're looking better and better darling. I miss my long hair!