Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Idle Banter

I was feeling so crappy this morning. (2:11AM) and read this article about how love is not perfect. I will just post the paragraphs that really spoke to me. (WARNING: You're about to read some serious stuff. Please read with caution LOL! Let me remind you this is at 2:39AM.) I might delete this stupid post when I get some sleep. Seriously no sleep yet. Not healthy at all :I

BUT WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF LOVE? To be honest, I always tell people who care to listen to me ramble, that there is no ideal definition for love. The white man has told created the make-belief nonsense-whereby love is perfect and knows no wrong and sees no flaws and would never hurt you. As far as I'm concerned that's a good load of crap and complete rubbish. When did we start to think that the person who loves us will not see our flaws... Do u honestly believe that the guy that loves us so dearly won't notice when you get fat and have a few skin crisis?
Do you honestly believe that he loves you so much that he would never see an attractive woman and admit to himself that yes she is indeed attractive?
Do you have that crazy presumption that he will still love you every single second when you piss him off and pick a fight with him? All these questions go for the guys as well not just my ladies.
Call me old fashioned but Love is not perfect and it will never be perfect, so face it! the sooner the better.
I will never accept the statement that says...”If he loves me, then he will not look at other women. He will see only me and no one else”, If you are one of those women who have this naive ideology on relationship, you need to wake up and smell the bacon cause you are on a trip.
I am not saying that it's OK for a guy to cheat, because believe me it's wrong and painful but I don't believe that when a man cheats means he does not love you. Ok let me even use another example...For goodness sakes we commit sinful acts against God or when we disobey our parents or upset siblings... does it mean you don't love them? Of course not!
...Look at Hollywood and the rate of divorce in that industry alone, not to think of the whole country, it's because they have have acquired a fairytale like definition of that word 'love' and when they are not getting it, they run out of the relationship searching for what they might never find.
So please lets not say love does not exist, because it does. Maybe the definition you have is 'out of this world'. You love God and yet you don't live your life in perfect accordance with the Bible. You love your parents and yet you disobey them so many times and fight them.
So please maybe we should check ourselves and realize that no one is perfect. At the same time, if your partner is not treating you right and yet he still cheats...Abeg! jump out of that kind nonsense relationship. LOL.
This person is right... We always hurt God, we disobey our parents, we don't follow what says in the Bible, we all do these bullshit in front of God but they still take us back. They still accept us. What if God or our parents say to us, No. You hurt me so much. I will just look for another daughter better than you. Go find yourself new parents. Those who wants to be a smartass, let me tell you that this is not different from the boyfriend and girlfriend thing. Okay lemme give you another example. Your bestfriend did something really bad that really hurt you or maybe your friend betrayed you. Would you tell your bestfriend that, Yeah I forgive you but you're not my bestfriend anymore. You'll find a better bestfriend. It doesn't make any sense but Would you say that to her? No! Because in the end, you'll talk to your bestfriend and tell her that you forgave her and reconcile with her and forget about what happened. I guess being a Christian really helped me realize this.. What if God breaks up with us? What if he cuts off all the communication and the relationship between Him. That means He won't listen to your prayers anymore, won't help you anymore, you won't feel His presence anymore. Nothing. He's gone for good. You wouldn't want that to happen. He will still love you whatever crap you do to hurt Him. And He told us to act like him. That's when I put the phrase, "What would Jesus do?" I really agree to this person who wrote the article, that some person implanted a different definition of "love" for us when the real definition of 'love' is suppose to be what Jesus said to us. Am I being stupid? Well if you're not a Christian, you wouldn't know a crap about what I'm talking about here. Do I need a perfect love life? Now that I think about it, us girls watches, reads too much Romance that we want to our love life to be like that. This is reality... We need to stop living in this fantasy.

What would Jesus do?

I guess this will be my final decision.

Please don't get offended by this post if ever you are offended o__o.. This was a stupid post. I didn't have sleep yet and its already 6AM. So I don't know what I'm talking about here. I guess its just a rant about what I'm feeling. Some people doesn't know how I really feel and how the other guy feels. I understand if they don't want me to get hurt. Ginusto ko toh eh. They're not the ones who is getting hurt if ever this thing happens again. I'm tired of explaining myself to other people. All I know is that, this is reality. I'm gonna get hurt eventually if ever I find another guy. But I don't really want to find another guy. I still love him, I'm happy with him, and he's not a bad guy. Okay I'm done, I'll just shut up now :x Please don't hate me. I'm just being honest. At hindi pako na kakatulog hahaha. I fee like a zombie @~@; 


Hiyono said...

Ok! Even God stops forgiving people. Why do you think there's judgement day, darling? :) I forgot which book, chapter and verse it is in the Bible that states that there will come a time when even God would not forgive someone. He's given chances, yes - but there's also a limit to that.

I believe people deserve second chances but that is only when you see their sincerity in changing. Many people (including I) take forgiveness for granted. Sure, nobody's perfect and might sin again but that doesn't give you any excuse to sin the same way. That's not complete repentance at all.

If you keep giving those bastards chances, you're not any way, gonna help them become better persons. They should be taught a lesson!

Hiyono said...

And... uh... nice find. I believe people still love you even if they don't love you the way you want them to love you. But just as the article says, jump out of that kind of nonsense relationship. I mean how can you call it love when you're crying more than you're laughing? When you're hurting more than you are enjoying? WTF, right?

God gave you a partner for you not to be lonely in life. For you not to be sad. That is found in Genesis. When He gave Eve to Adam. ;)

Darling sister... in the end, your happiness matters.

Euri said...

"Love is not perfect and it will never be perfect"

I agree. It's what people do together to make it the "perfect love" for them. :)

pam said...

Hi! Thanks for the birthday greeting! Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! :)

Yes, "Love is not perfect and it will never be" I agree with that thus, just make the best of it.

Everyone deserves a second chance, third, fourth, and so on... But like what Hiyono said, to someone who is sincere because some people tend to me abusive sometimes and I believe that you're wise enough to know when to stop and let it go... because we're not perfect ourselves.

Yes, God loves us unconditionally and we should be very thankful for that by giving our sincerity to Him.

Btw, this isn't a stupid post. :) Sure, let's link exchange!

Jessica said...

Hi! I would love to link exchange! I read your previous post and I'm sure there'll be more deals on that video game because sales continue until past x'mas xD

As for this post, it's not stupid at all. It's good you know how the real world works. I'm not following the religious references, but I agree that the idealism about romance is ridiculous. To me, I've noticed some people lack commitment and compromise, which are both very important to a relationship. I think people lost this with all the luffy romance stories out there.

Rashid said...

The definition of love actually varies from different people depending on the depth of their experiences towards love. And people's definition of love only indicates the kind of relationships that they had before, may it be with a partner, with the family, with your pet, friends, bestfriends or even with God.

"Love is not perfect and it will never be perfect" -- very true. But even if that's the case, what you can create is a perfect moment. Cherish the moments rather than remembering what happened wrong.

xian said...

Love is definitely not perfect but it can be lasting and up to those people on how they can make their love "perfect" :)