Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Feelings.


Hiyono said...

Naiyak tuloy ako... :(

Roselyn said...

Ouch. That hurts. Kaya ba you're singing 2NE1's It hurts? :(

Btw, This is Rozeh but I want to be known as "Roselyn" (which is my actual name) if I'm using this new blog of mine. :P I'll link you in this new blog, I hope you'll link this too. ^^ (aside from, and please do use Roselyn as my name when linking to this new blog.)

Aencille said...

Aw.:< Is it what I think it is? I'm sorry to hear that and I completely know how this feels. I hope you are doing okay, Robelle. It'll take a while, but I promise you, it'll get better soon. Be strong and take care always. :)