Friday, November 18, 2011

'Come Home' Musical

Come Home: A Thanksgiving Musical

 I went to my former high school to watch their Thanksgiving Musical today :)
My cousin Maria was one of the main characters in the play. I wanted to see watch and support her so I bought my ticket yesterday. I wish Rae and Rio went to watch too, but sadly the witch (their mother) has work today so they didn't get to go.

So the musical was great! (as always) Dav!d and Kr!sten did a good job being the directors of the play. All the actors were awesome, specially Maria's group haha. "The Kontrabidas" lol. The play was based of the story, The Prodigal Son. You know, the one in the Bible? Yeah that one. Nathan was the Prodigal Son haha. He was good. He's always good in acting. He made me laugh at the part when he was eating something in the garbage and someone said "Ew!" then he said to the person, "You're Ew!" LOL! Thank you Dav!d for making Final Fantasy IX's ost the background music. I was enjoying the musical so much because of it xD He's my FF9 buddy. I can't believe that someone from that school loves FF9. Usually people will tell me they like Cloud, Yuna, and Squall. The famous characters in the FF world but I was so happy when Dav!d said he liked Zidane. Its cool cause their setting was a city in the night. Then he used "The Sleepless City Treno" theme song during the first act. SO HAPPY! HAHAHA. He used lots of FF9 songs that made me happy :3 obvious naman.

I was suppose to drive there but Janelle called me and said that I can just ride with her. So I was with her and Joan!e the whole time and Janelle dropped me off after the musical. Oh! and of course before I left, I had to take a picture with my beloved cousin.

Janelle took this that's why Maria is blurry -.-

Then I told Janelle to take another one cause as you can see my cousin was blurry. Nathan was there so I asked him to be in the picture too since he was the main character in the play.

Ugh, I look so short.. and its a little bit blurry again.

Janelle took a first picture of this but It was blurry so I told her AGAIN to take another one so this one was a little bit okay haha.

The whole cast (click for full-view)

I stole that from Facebook hahaha. I was lazy to bring my canon. I didn't want to bring something heavy. Overall, it was a good day. Got a chance to see my cousin since its been so long since I saw her. I hope I can hang out with her on Saturday. I told her that I have two free tickets, we can watch Breaking Dawn hahaha! I hope they win tomorrow for their volleyball game.

Before I forget.. 

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I guess that's it for today. Its already 2AM '죽어도못보내내가어떻게널보내~♪' lol. I'm gonna get ugly even more I need to sleep. Jah~


Hiyono said...

Oooooh... so that's what it was all about. Ikaw talaga, fanatic ng FF9 forever. I miss watching plays like this. Sniff. I want to be part of something big again. May I be the actress or the directress, I don't care - as long as I'm in it.

And... I find it cool that you can remember the titles of the bg music. Haha! I guess that's what happens when you're a die-hard fan.

aencille said...

It's cool that some of our schoolmates use game OSTs for their plays. It kinda makes you proud that you know the awesome music being played in a certain scene. XD

On another note, I love your outfit, especially your shoes. :3

Umi said...

I hope I could watch a theater musical soon. It's been a while. :D

Your outfit looks good!