Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blogger app

IGoing to try out this new blogger app. I wanna see if its good to update using this one. Its been a while.. No more like YEARS! Its been years since I updated my blog... I miss it ;--; I've been busy with my life as a  college student. I have no more time to blog... Unless I am on my vacation but I get lazy and I use those days to regenerate my body from all the stress I receive after a semester. 

So let me try putting some photos here to tests this app out.

That is the truffles I made for my boyfriend hahaha! 

Now I will post this and check it out on my laptop if its good xD 👍

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Haul & Early Birthday Gift.

Click the images to view original size.

Thank you Sephora for the early birthday gift.  I went to the mall with my dad to buy his vitamins, since were already there might as well just get my gift at Sephora! And here's what they gave me...

fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo
Cool huh? These are small lipbalms. It has a minty smell to it. I like it! I'm not really into lip glosses or lip balms but I read that these are lip treatments. This will help me with my dry lips which I really dislike right now. Thanks Sephora! You're the best! ;D

Garnier BB Cream

I also bought this today. I've been wanting to buy BB cream and I saw this on TV. I also saw reviews on Youtube and I wanted to give it a try. A lady from Youtube said that it will make you look oily when you put it on. Yes, she is right! I looked so oily when I tried it so I don't recommend this to people with oily face. I thought I got the wrong shade because I was suppose to get the Light/Medium but I accidentally grab Medium/Deep. It was still good. It matches my skin color. I thought it would make me look darker. I guess the Light/Medium is for the people who has really pale skin. Also when I tried this, it had this citrusy smell. Like Garnier Shampoo smell. I like it :>

RILAKUMMA! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

I got this when I went to L.A. at China Town :D ITS CUTE RIGHT!?  (*≧▽≦) I will TOTALLY use this when I get home!

HELLO KITTY! ( =①ω①=)

Last item. Hello Kitty Sunnies! with my awkward ribbon and creeper chair! :D (LOL! I didn't know what else to put on the second picture.) You can't really see the ribbon on the picture because I don't have a good lighting in my room. You can click the picture to view original size, you'll see it :3 This is actually for my niece but I guess we'll just have to share (。・`ω´・。) kekekeke~

Hope you guys are having a good day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tired of waiting.

I'm so bored!  I have nothing to do at home. Just do this in front of my laptop. I'm gonna go crazy from all this waiting. I'm so tired of waiting huhuhu~

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hey guys. I don't really have anything interesting to tell you guys right now. So I want to share with you this video that we made before I graduated. The people here are my batch mates plus my cousin lol. She's the only one who is not a senior at that time. This was done during our Fine Arts competition in our motel room haha. So watch this first then watch ours. Its kind of like our version of the music video lol.

Jonas Brothers feat. Demi Lovato

Then our version hehehe:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sample. Butter. Moisturizer.

 From left to right: I got a foundation sample from Sephora today. I wanted to know my shade that's why I asked for a sample and this is what the lady gave me. Lorac Breakthrough Performance in a little container lol. I tried a little bit on my face and it was the perfect shade for me. FINALLY! ohohoh. I want it ;--; but no money haha.

Next is the Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. I love the redness of it! and the feel on your lip haha. I bet Ate Maw knows what I'm talking about ;) You're right Ate. It is good. lol.

Last is Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer. I don't even know why I got this haha but my cousin said its good. She also bought one.

I will update again tomorrow. I'm getting sleepy~ Just a mini haul xD I'll post tomorrow what I did today hehe. Goodnight :o

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My Valentine's Day turned out better than I expected.

Usually I celebrate it alone with a bunch of candies around me or if I'm at school, I watch guys serenade their Valentines and I'm just like in the crowd getting all kilig and a little bit jealous lol.
Never had a proper Valentine's date. Its always with a friend who just wants to be my Valentine 'just for fun.' .__. sad.. I know haha.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Wait is Over...

Uuuwwwweeeeeee~ Got my copy earlier. I'm soooooo excited to play it @__@  Even Boko is excited *points at the baby chocobo in 2nd picture* "Kweh~" and I hope that a FFXIII OST will play on my music player while you're reading this haha.

I pre-ordered my game at Best Buy because I want the novel. The DLCs' are cool too but I want something physical. They might put out the DLC on PSN Store in future, I'll just buy it there. Hopefully they do put it out .__. I really want Serah's Genji Bow.. I tried winning one in Square Enix NA's trivia game on Twitter but so many people are joining and they're so fast. They know FFXIII better than me haha! I wish they gave me one ;--; but of course they had to give it to the fastest person who answered the question. I have no luck when it comes to contests and games. Whenever I join something, I don't win. Like in raffles, we never get picked. We never won prizes. I think its in our family haha! Even my dad never wins whenever his work has a raffle in their parties. I joined these contests on Youtube and FF fansites. I hope I win something. Pray for me guys! lol.

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to play the game. If only my TV works. It just died on me when I came back from the Philippines. If it wasn't broken I would play ALL NIGHT! I'll just wake up really early tomorrow and play Mwahahahahaha! If only my Moogle doll was here... He would celebrate with me and my chocobo hahaha! IF ONLY I HAVE A REAL MOOGLE ;^;

I will end with Lightning's quote in the game because its been stuck in my head ever since I woke up this morning. Excited much? haha.

"That time was lost. Yet time continued onwards. Sleep in peace, divine Etro. I will stand guard over your legacy. This endless realm is awash with sadness. Life and death lose all meaning under the rolling waves of chaos Valhalla. The currents of time do not touch its shores. In this world of lost moments, I begin my life anew."