Friday, February 24, 2012


Hey guys. I don't really have anything interesting to tell you guys right now. So I want to share with you this video that we made before I graduated. The people here are my batch mates plus my cousin lol. She's the only one who is not a senior at that time. This was done during our Fine Arts competition in our motel room haha. So watch this first then watch ours. Its kind of like our version of the music video lol.

Jonas Brothers feat. Demi Lovato

Then our version hehehe:

I miss them. They were my lunch buddies haha. We would all share our lunch everyday on the kindergarten table as if we're having a picnic. Some people would join us just because its more fun on our table haha and we have better food then the others :> I will miss hanging out with them. I hope we get to hang out one last time before I leave on April. This video is actually a secret but I want to share it with you guys haha! They won't know. I think we did a good job copying the original lol. I edited and directed the video. It was really fun. We're the only people who was doing videos and having fun all night while the others are having devotion time, praying, and talking about their school year experience. We're so bad! lol. It was our last year who cares xD 2011 Seniors are such rebels, We're such rebels hahaha. I miss those days. I hope I get to meet people like them in college. I'm excited to meet new people at the same time I'm scared cause I might meet those annoying bitchy people. Oh well! We'll see :) Enjoy the video guys! Comment! Tell me what you think about the video :)


Hiyono said...

It really sucks that you're not going to study the same course I'm working on now. Sniff. Sayang ang talent mo. Hahaha! :)

I know the feeling of watching something you've done with your classmates. The memories of shooting the footage with them, of arguments because you were all so tired/busy, and of other things you wish to bring back. Sigh~ namiss ko tuloy high school life. Haha!

Gel said...

It's actually a pretty cool video! Kinda made me miss my college days where we would have projects like video editing and stuff with my blockmates. Ahhh the things I miss about school <3

Anonymous said...

Ahaha that was entertaining xD

:( I miss my high school friends too. I wish you luck in college!

Joyce said...

lol ya'll are crazy! i love it!! HAHAH looks like a lotta fun~ love your girls accessories too in the video heh .


Lixin said...

Oh ho, it's hard to keep anything on the Internet a secret! But anyway, nice video! :-)
I hate meeting new people, yet I also like to make new friends. Hope you meet loads of nice people in college!

Bea said...

Awwww, graduating from high school is mixed emotions. But once you leave, you won't ever want to come back except for your friends ;D

And you'll actually be surprised at how much friends drift after high school. This might not be the case for you guys, but it's happened to many of my friends. Most of the people I talk to from high school were the ones I wasn't even close to back then.

Henry said...

Cute! how did you put those moving cute monkeys in your blogpost?