Monday, March 5, 2012

Tired of waiting.

I'm so bored!  I have nothing to do at home. Just do this in front of my laptop. I'm gonna go crazy from all this waiting. I'm so tired of waiting huhuhu~

A little update about what's going on in my life right now. The reason why I haven't been updating because my life has been boring. I'm just at home doing the same thing everyday. Wake up. Eat. Internet. Eat. Watch TV. Shower. Internet. Sleep. (Repeat). Its soooo boring. I can't go out because its dangerous outside plus I have no car to drive around National City. I have no money to go to the mall. I avoid going to the mall because there's lots of temptations there, looking at them will just make me sad haha!. Going out with friends for sure will cost me money so yeah. I'm trying not to bother my dad for money because moving back to the Philippines is costing us a lot of money with all my stuff getting shipped, important documents to pay, airplane ticket, college tuition, etc. So yeaah.. I rather stay at home and wait rather than get yelled for spending money on useless things.

We already shipped half of my stuff. My PC and piano are already gone with the LED TV+Speaker that my Papa bought last Christmas. I miss my PC, I can only play high graphics games on that computer if I'm lazy to play on my PS3. If only I have more games on my PS3, I won't be so bored like this. So many games I want to play, but they're all expensive.

Finally my interview is this Thursday. I've been waiting for this interview forever! I was suppose to take it last February 14 but they rescheduled it. I guess 'cause they were like, "Oh man.. I'm sorry I have a date on that day I can't run the interviews." and the other person is like, "Yeah me too I can't I have a date too. Let's just FREAKIN RESCHEDULE IT!!" No me gusta. Ugh seriously, because of that now I'm worried that I won't come home in time. I wait for 2-3 weeks for these things. Oh and this interview that I'm talking about is for my Naturalization/Citizenship. Hopefully they will allow me to take my oath the same day as my interview.

Then after my interview (and maybe the oath if they will let me take it), we'll take care of my US passport next. I already did my research and its possible that I might get it in one day or before our assigned flight. After the passport, I might have to go to Los Angeles at the Philippine Embassy alone to take care of my dual citizenship so I won't have problems staying in the Philippines for a long time. Aigooo~ so many things to do, so little time.  
The reason why I'm rushing all these is because my cousin, who is always coming back to the Philippines for vacation, is taking me to Boracay with him on April. So he's paying my ticket, hotel, and food. He told me he can't refund it if I don't make it. I don't want to let his money go to waste and I never been to Boracay so I want to get these over with and fly to the Philippines already!! GAH!

I already memorized the 100 Civics questions for the interview. I just wanna get it over it. I'm so tired of waiting. I'm so bored. I wanna leave already. At least when I get home, I have my nieces and nephews to play with. My brother will be there, my REAL friends, my "lover" will be there also haha. Sigh~ One more month. Please pray for me. I hope I finish all these fast so I can go home already.

Also thank you for those who's always commenting. I appreciate it! and thank you also for the people who just randomly visit my blog. Even though we don't know each other you still comment and read my blog. I feel special .
I promise, when I get home, you'll see lots of updates on this blog ;) and lots of Photographies, and maybe reviews as well. I'll go back to 'boredom world' now :< Jah ne~


Ayns said...

Oohh. You're moving to the Philippines? Studies? Get ready for pollution then. Haha! And always watch your stuff. I'm sure even if it's dangerous where you are now, it is definitely more dangerous in the Philippines. Not that I'm scaring you or anything. Just don't loose sight of your belongings.. ^^;

Good luck with your interview! :) It's cool that you have dual citizenship. :D

Euri said...

Woah! That's a lot of work. Moving from one place to another is really such a hassle. XD

Joyce said...

good luck with the moving! that can always be hectic >< I know what you mean by not wanting to ask your parents for money. I also feel bad doing that. Eating at home does save a lot of money! (true that)

Ahh you play piano too? Me too. It is awesome right? I remember disliking taking lessons as a child..but I am actually grateful for continuing with it because it is so relaxing to just play freely nowadays!

good luck with the job interview!! you will kill it~

Citizenship does sound like a lot of detailed things..a few of friends are also in the process of taking the 'interview test' is it? or something like that. Hopefully you can complete it all before your trip to boracay!!

no problem :D

be safe, good luck, have fun!


Hiyono said...

Yoyo & Cici emoticons make me laugh. They fit the things you've said in your entry. Haha. Nice addition imouto!

I wish you luck. I hope you make it on time. I know how it feels like not being able to do anything because you have no money to spare. BLAH. It's a good thing facebook is around. We get to chat and take the boredom away.

Lixin said...

Haha those emoticons are so adorable.
Oh and I know that feeling when you become tempted to buy something yet you have no $$ to do. Hate that feeling. And if I do have the money to buy something I will be SO guilty.

Hope your interview went well! :-)

Alex said...

LOL YOUR DAY DOES SOUND REALLY, REALLY BORING :OOO! go out and enjoy life girl! go volunteer at a local organization or something!!! D:

I wish you tons of luck on your interview!!! Be yourself and show them what you got! And remember, non verbal communication makes up 93% of communication so be aware of your posture, your handshake and how you sit and present yourself :)

ahh Philippines! i never been there before but i'll pray for you! :DD

alex @

anne said...

Good luck on the move back to the Philippines! I know you've been missing it for awhile, so that's great that you get to go back. Plus, you'll definitely have a lot more to do there than here.

Have you already finished FFXIII-2? I feel so behind kasi di ko pa natapos yung FFXIII. LOL. Nasa end nako and I can't bring myself to just finish it.

I'm sure you'll pass your citizenship. They make you study all this stuff, but it's really easy. You're lucky to be able to get dual citizenship. I cannot, as I wasn't born in the Philippines. I can only stay there for 21 days, like a foreigner :(

pam said...

Aww, that sounds a lot of work and appointments and really a boring day. LOL. At least you still have your laptop with you!! Can you just imagine with your laptop was shipped along with your PC?!

Well, good luck with your coming appointments and interviews. I hope they go on smoothly and good luck mobing back here! I wish you all the best!

Aencille said...

Crapola! I've been out of the blogging scene for too long. I didn't know you were moving to the Philippines na.

I haven't traveled out of the country yet, but I heard taking care of documents is really a lot of work.

Hang in there, Robelle! And hopefully, you enjoy the PH when you get here. And maybe we can meet up too! XD

Henry said...

More Fun in the Philippines! More Dangerous in the Philippines, too. Haha joke!