Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My Valentine's Day turned out better than I expected.

Usually I celebrate it alone with a bunch of candies around me or if I'm at school, I watch guys serenade their Valentines and I'm just like in the crowd getting all kilig and a little bit jealous lol.
Never had a proper Valentine's date. Its always with a friend who just wants to be my Valentine 'just for fun.' .__. sad.. I know haha.

I think my first 'legit' Valentine's gift was from my ex-boyfriend 6 or 7 years ago. He timidly gave me three plastic roses. If my classmates didn't push him to me, he wouldn't gave it to me because he was so shy. I didn't expect it since I was just like, "Meh. Valentine's Day.. I want chocolates." lol. So it surprised me when he was waiting outside with our friends and gave me the toy roses. I still have those.. I'm actually looking at it right now. xD At first I was like, Why did he gave me plastic roses? then I realized that I can keep it forever and it won't wither. I don't know why I didn't throw it away and still kept it and put it in my boxes when I moved here in America. I guess 'cause it looks good together with my Beauty and The Beast rose haha! Just kidding. I just want a memento from him..

I don't really expect anything good will happen to me on Valentine's Day but then suddenly 'someone special' called me from the Philippines to ask if I can be his Valentine. I was still sleeping when he called me. It was 7AM here in America at that time. It made my morning good. (see what I did there? lol even though it sounded weird.) I was all happy. It gave me energy to wake up soo early, eat breakfast, and play Final Fantasy XIII-2 lol!
Then he called again when it was night time here around 11PM. That's basically our date, talking on the phone. We talked for an hour I think then we said our goodbyes when there was no more minutes left in his phone card.

Even though I didn't get roses, chocolates, plushies, or go somewhere to eat, I still appreciated what he did for me. It made me really happy, and made me love him more than I already did. For sure, next time I will get a legit Valentine's Day experience hahaha. He also promised that when I get home, everyday will be Valentine's Day for us :) iiiiieeeeee~ Kilig to bones! Hahahaha.

On a side note. I finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 today. Hearing Charice singing in one of my favorite video games is kinda weird. Her voice doesn't really match Final Fantasy compare to the past singers. I hope next time they will find a singer that will really fit the game. The last singer that I really loved was Ayaka who sang Why in FFVII: Crisis Core. I'm glad that North America chose to stick with the Japanese version because it really fit with the ending. The Japanese version of New World was good, but Charice's voice doesn't really fit it. Maybe if she doesn't have that diva-ness in her voice then it might have been good. I should be proud cause she's Filipino and famous game companies such as Square Enix rarely chooses Filipinos to sing for the main theme of a famous video game. I don't really like Charice but I guess I'll make an exemption for just this song. Oh and if you guys don't know, if you play the Sims 3, Charice's song 'Pyramid' can be heard if you turn on a radio in your Sim's house. It was cool at first then I got annoyed. Now her voice is stuck in my head =,=*

As for the ending...

 Happy Valentine's Day you guys! 

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anne said...

That's cute that you kept the rose. It's definitely a good memory. I probably would've kept it, too.

I'm trying to think who my fave FF singer is, and I'm not really sure I have one. But, I wish they would ask Utada Hikaru for a song. I loved her songs in both Kingdom Hearts & KH2 games. She has a distinctive voice.

Hahaha. I play The Sims 3. I know what you're talking about. I think it's hilarious that it's in Simlish. I've been back to being addicted to that game, so I still haven't finished FFXIII. Sad, I know!

Aww, I'm glad you got some kilig moments from your Valentine! Good for him! :D

Bea said...

Haha, Bel, this is my first Valentines day alone in 3 years :) Honestly, I never saw the hype in Valentine's Day... some people go too crazy & buy their significant other like a bajillion stuff o_o; But nevertheless, Valentines is just like any other day of the year... for me anyway.

And really? Charice sings in FFXIII2? Ok then, weird. Charice has a really strong voice LOL

Hiyono said...

Aww... that's so sweet of him. That monkey! Haha. Plastic roses are so awesome. They're unreal, but they last. :3 Hihi!

I don't know why you have something against Charice, but lol what do you mean about her voice not fitting the franchise? :\ AND LOL! Really? SIMS 3 huh? We have that here. But I've neglected my gaming duty. :( I envy you for having time for games. Sniff.

Alex said...

happy belated vday! WOW your first legit vday gift is so cute! when you're a kid right? it's good that you kept it! good memories should be cherished!

gah, that guy called from so far away? that's cuteee! gllad your vday came out well!

LOL was the ending bad? i don't play video games but that gif is so funny!

alex @ carouselstreet.com

Anonymous said...

LOL when I play sims 3, I def hear Charice. But the simlish version isn't much different from the English version.

I like Charice and all, but I do think the Japanese versions are better for FF. :(