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The Wait is Over...

POSTED ON: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 @ 7:44 PM | 16 comments

Uuuwwwweeeeeee~ Got my copy earlier. I'm soooooo excited to play it @__@  Even Boko is excited *points at the baby chocobo in 2nd picture* "Kweh~" and I hope that a FFXIII OST will play on my music player while you're reading this haha.

I pre-ordered my game at Best Buy because I want the novel. The DLCs' are cool too but I want something physical. They might put out the DLC on PSN Store in future, I'll just buy it there. Hopefully they do put it out .__. I really want Serah's Genji Bow.. I tried winning one in Square Enix NA's trivia game on Twitter but so many people are joining and they're so fast. They know FFXIII better than me haha! I wish they gave me one ;--; but of course they had to give it to the fastest person who answered the question. I have no luck when it comes to contests and games. Whenever I join something, I don't win. Like in raffles, we never get picked. We never won prizes. I think its in our family haha! Even my dad never wins whenever his work has a raffle in their parties. I joined these contests on Youtube and FF fansites. I hope I win something. Pray for me guys! lol.

I'll have to wait till tomorrow to play the game. If only my TV works. It just died on me when I came back from the Philippines. If it wasn't broken I would play ALL NIGHT! I'll just wake up really early tomorrow and play Mwahahahahaha! If only my Moogle doll was here... He would celebrate with me and my chocobo hahaha! IF ONLY I HAVE A REAL MOOGLE ;^;

I will end with Lightning's quote in the game because its been stuck in my head ever since I woke up this morning. Excited much? haha.

"That time was lost. Yet time continued onwards. Sleep in peace, divine Etro. I will stand guard over your legacy. This endless realm is awash with sadness. Life and death lose all meaning under the rolling waves of chaos Valhalla. The currents of time do not touch its shores. In this world of lost moments, I begin my life anew."

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