Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sexy Red

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Screw this. Its so hard to think of an introduction haha. I'm sorry guys. I am not a good writer like all of you ._. So I'll just put this awkward rolling monkey as my introduction LOL. Anyway! Sorry again for updating late. I don't even know why I'm apologizing since its my blog xD I guess I just feel bad for not updating frequently.. I feel like my blog feels sad whenever I get lazy and not update haha! I'm sorry blog ;--; I'm here now.

Friday. My friends texted me if we can hang out and watch a movie. At first I said no to them because I'm so broke. I didn't have money to watch a movie or eat somewhere. But they said they'll pay for my ticket. I really want to hang out with them before I leave the country. They're so nice. ;-; lol. We watched Underworld Awakening. It was... epic. xD All I can say is that Seline, the protagonist in the movie is so much cooler than Alice from Resident Evil. Just sayin'. hahaha.

After the movie, we walked around the mall. Talked about our lives. Looked around the stores. Then I was talking Kuya Andr3w about Converse. I told him that I never had Converse, that the only pretty shoes I have is Nike and he was like, "You never had Converse?!" .. ME: ".__. no..." ahaha. Then he asked me which one I like, the high top or not the high top one, forgot what its called lol. I told him I really like the high top one, specially the red one cause they have other bright colors too but I really like the red. :> The blue looked pretty too but I don't know its just... I'm more attracted to the red because ITS MY FAVORITE COLOR. Then Kuya was like, "OMG! I LOOOVE the red one too! Come on, I'll buy you one." I was like O___O 'What the?! Is he serious?' in my head but he was really serious. I kept saying no but he said will REALLY buy me one. And this is what happened next:

It happened all too fast... lol! He loved shopping and I triggered that part of himself. The third picture is me and him. He bought the same color because he loves red too. I was having second thoughts about this color though... because my cousin has the same one and I guess her boyfriend too has the same one. And she might think we're copying them or I'm copying her .__. I hope its not going to be like that. 

So Maria if you're reading this, I hope you're not thinking that I'm copying you or I want to have the same shoes like yours because I'm jealous. I mean I told you a long time ago that I never had Converse in my entire life. I just love red so much ;--; You know that too. I hope you're not mad or annoyed about this. At least we can dance together with our identical shoes and I'm going to leave anyway so you're not going to see me wearing this LOL! I love you Maria, Yeobo, Beefsteak, Tomato Marshmallow lol... Saranghae ;--;

I was verrrry thankful to Kuya for buying my very first Converse. This is my first time getting something like this from a friend o__o well... not really but out of nowhere, he buys me a brand new shoes. If I had a job and I earned so much from that job, I would buy my cousins something out of nowhere too while walking in the mall haha but I didn't get a job cause I didn't experience :< kainis. We left the mall after he purchased the shoes. They dropped me off because they were going to the basketball game. I didn't want to go.. I don't really like watching basketball games. The last time I watched, the ball kept going to where I was and it kept hitting me. After that game, I didn't go anymore.

Another one that I want to blog about is the other shoes that my Papa bought for me last year on Christmas.  My Dad likes to buy new shoes or clothes during Christmas. Filipinos call it 'Pamasko' When you buy your new outfit for Christmas Eve (parties) or maybe just buy new shoes or dress, etc. So yeah, my Dad likes to buy us pamasko every year. I told him, I just want new shoes because I can just wear the dress that I wore last Christmas. I don't really care cause it'll just be my cousins who will be at my grandparents' house. I wanted boots so I can wear it when we go to the airport when we go back to the Philippines xD 

Yes. Another red shoes haha. I told you I love red. because Red is Sexy :"> Hahaha! This shoes is heavy but the material is really good. My first time again having this kind of shoes. I want to have different styles this year. So I can improve my self esteem. I get worried sometimes that people might look at me weird if I wear something that is new to their eyes or that is too distracting to them. A lot of people are like that in my country lol. 
The top part hurts my skin when I walk. I liked the other version of this shoes in the first store we walked in. It had a black thing on top, I don't know what its called... but this one doesn't have it. I need to find good socks for this so it won't hurt me @__@;
Its really pretty 'cause its red :> teehee~ Hopefully I don't scratch this when I wear it xD I always do that with my shoes. I'm going to be careful this time D:

Aigoo~ I made a long post again. I bet you guys get bored reading my posts hahaha. I was thinking of making this a short one cause I was.. getting.. lazy.. >,>  Hah! Its almost 3AM dang.. My dad will wake up soon @_@. 

Since this post is about my favorite color! I want to know what's you guys' favorite color too! Like whenever you buy something, you want it to be this color cause its your favorite. Add it on your comments in my comment box! x]
I have to sleep now haha. @__@ Getting sleepy~ Jah ne! ♥


Hiyono said...

LOL. YoYo & CiCi are adorable characters. I love these monkeys. They remind me so much of my adolescence in the net world.

I haven't watched any Underworld films so I can't really agree with your comparison. Milla and Kate are both amazing so I think I'll still find it difficult to compare and contrast them even if I do watch the vampire films. Thanks for your subtle review though.

I have red shoes too. I love Converse as well. They're my fave. I have three of them. Green, Red and Black. Hihihi. I'm happy for you. Boy I wish I have someone who buys me stuff randomly. Haha. Wait, I think your Kuya Ace does that to me already.

I think I just fell in love with your boots. I love red as well! Ugh. And don't be silly, of course you need socks for these. Or you can wear your pants under these. Whichever fits your style, dear!

I don't really have a favorite color. They usually come and go. It depends on my mood, really. And the season. But I've no particular favorite. I am going to wear a red gown in my wedding though - if ever that still comes. LOL!

Don't you ever apologize if your blog entry is long. You don't really make blog entries to entertain people now, do you? That's what was stated in your previous entry. You need not wait for comments before posting another entry, right? Hihi. Just enjoy blogging dear. We love reading!

Joyce said...

Red doc martens!! ahh, so cute and hot!! <3 i love the edgy yet girly look :]] you look great in them.

that movie looks really good. i agree, kate beckinsale looks really fierce and sexy in it!

your friends are so kind for paying for your ticket! we usually go dutch here hahah!