Monday, January 16, 2012

Swap Meet

Yey~ Second post of the year hahaha. Finally I update. I got so lazy even though I have so much free time at home. I will make a separate post for my Christmas, New Year, and product review posts. Its like super late haha! *ehem*
Yesterday, I woke up at around 9 or 10 in the morning because I heard noises outside. When I checked it was my dad who just got home early from work. He said there was no work so their boss just told them to go home. He told me to dress up so we can go to Swap Meet while it still early. I got dressed, ate breakfast then we left. 
When we arrived at the place, there was so many people, so many people selling their second hand items or even new ones. Like in the Philippines, para syang Divisoria/Tyangge/Ukay-Ukay. It was so cool. You can haggle the items that they're selling, almost everything was cheap but of course you have to look around first before you buy because you might see something better than the first one you saw. It was my first time going there so I was amazed at how cheap they were selling their stuff. The reason why we went there because I told Papa that my Ate (sister-in-law) was telling me that they bought Mahrya (my niece) Barbie last Christmas when he sent them money. She was telling me that she saw Mahrya cutting the Barbie's hair and she was like, "Why are you cutting her hair? Don't cut it!" then my niece said, "Because her hair is ugly D:" I laughed so much when she told me that story. So when I told that to my Papa, he said that there was a lot in Swap Meet. We can buy lots of Barbie for a cheap price just for my niece. That is why we went there and so Papa can show me around since I never been to that place. 
We looked at all the stores in the place. We there for like 3-4 hours. I was so tired haha but it was fun. We found the Barbies that we were looking for. Not only we bought my nieces Barbies, we also bought car toys for my nephews. Ay nako~ being tita nga naman. Just to make your nieces and nephews happy hehe :) 

As you can see in the picture, we bought five Barbies for just $20! Yey~ Yes, they are all original. Sadly, Mulan is missing a shoe lol and the barbie next to her was missing her shoes... I think she's Sleeping Beauty cause it was written on her plastic bag. They all look so pretty ;--; their hair is soooo soft. It felt like a real hair but softer @_@. I was thinking of fixing their clothes and hair to make them look pretty when I show it to my nieces. Playing with those dolls brought back good memories TT__TT I love Barbies haha. I don't know why other people don't like them. They're just dolls .__.
Then the toy cars are for my nephews. I have two nieces and two nephews if you're curious lol. I was playing with the remote control car (the one in the box) It was so fun @_@~♥ hahaha! during my time, those toys are so expensive and my relatives or my parents only buys me girly toys so when I played with this thing, I was having so much fun controlling the car with this small remote controller haha! It was so cool! xD I can't wait to see their faces when I give these toys to them. I'm sure they'll love.

But of course, I also bought my own toy.

Kekeke~ Oh yeaaa. Heavy Rain for PS3! Man.. If I knew that Swap Meet sells super cheap games then I would've just went there to buy my games. I've been wanting to buy this game ever since I played the demo version. When I looked at Gamestop, Bestbuy or even Walmart, they sell this game for $50-60. So I decided to wait for it to get cheaper. When it was almost thanksgiving, I saw on the newspaper ads that Walmart was having a big sale on Black Friday and I saw Heavy Rain on their video game ad for just $15. I was so disappointed when I didn't get to buy it cause those crazy shoppers already swept the whole rack in the video games aisle. I was so happy when I saw this in one of the stores who sells video games ;--; it was so cheap too. If ever I don't get to buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 in stores, I'll just go to Swap Meet again and buy it there. Huhuhu but I want to pre-order FFXIII-2 because of the novel that will come along with it T--T I have to think of a plan to get it.. lol. 

Then I also bought a cute top and two sunnies.

My summer outfit is complete! Yey~ my bestfriend told me she'll buy my two-piece swimwear hehehe. Hopefully she gets me a cute one. The material of the top feels really soft and silky on your skin. It feels good on your skin haha perfect for summer weather ;D Can't wait for Boracay!!  kekeke~ 

Hmm.. I guess that's all for this post. I'll update again with my Christmas, New Years, and product review posts. Ooh my.. I almost forgot that I need to change my theme now haha! I still kinda Christmas-y in here. I'll change it now kay bye!!


Pam said...

Wow, that sounds fun! I think I ave a idea of what swap meet looks and feels like since I think I've read a book describing the similar things you blogged. It's like an ukay ukay in a park right?

I wish uso din yan sa Pinas. Ang dami mong nabili! Hahaha! Your summer outfit looks really cute! I can't wait for summer too!

ineedareplay said...

Yes! ukay-ukay in a park! That's exactly what it is. I know.. I wish uso din sa Philippines. :( I would always go there haha.

Hiyono said...

WOW. Gusto ko rin ma-experience na bumili ng mga bagay para sa pamangkin ko... haha. Kaso wala pa... and malamang-lamang mauunahan ko pa magkaanak mga kapatid ko... close enough! Haha.

And... omg, you are coming home on summer. We have to do some shopping together. Pasalubong ko rin ha, Robelle. LOL!!!

Heavy Rain looks interesting. What's it about?

Bea said...

Ozm, an ukay ukay in the middle of the street XD Anyways, ganyan talaga ang may pamangkin... actually I buy my cousins everything (because they're still babies)

And that outfit is cute~ :3

ineedareplay said...

@Hiyono: YES WE SHOULD ATE! D: Pag may pera tayong dalawa shopping tayo girly stuff haha! xD I will! Maghahanap ako ng pasalubong for you but we have to meet so I can give you your pasalubong :3 kekeke~

Heavy Rain is a really unique game. Nagandahan ako agad when I first played the demo kasi I was looking for games. The genre is like Mystery, Suspense, Drama, and maybe Action. I think you'll love this game kasi you're into Mystery diba? Its about this 'Origami Killer' who kidnaps little boys and kills them by using the rain. Then the protagonists in the game are these two FBI agents, a guy whose son got kidnapped by the killer, and this girl with insomnia lol! I still don't know her role in the story. Its a really cool game, you actually control the game's story cuz a button prompt appears on the screen, and if you press it in time, the game continues and you get another one. If you don't, you fail.. of course it'll be game over :P You should check it out on Youtube :D