Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ice Skating and Mexican Border.

So I decided that I'll just keep updating whenever I want haha. I tend to just let people comment on my posts first then when there's a lot of comment then I'll just update again. I wouldn't do that anymore, I get lazy when I wait for people haha. I hope that you guys still comment on my old posts too, not just the newest ones ^--^ By the way, I also reply to your comments in my comment box. I wish I have a reply link but blogger's comment thingy sucks =____=.

Today, I got to hang out with my batch (2011). We had planned that we were going to say goodbye to our other classmate at the airport cause she was leaving for college but when we were on our way, she said that she was already going inside the gate. So we just said our goodbyes through the phone. Instead, we just went to UTC Mall here in San Diego. The guys decided that we should ice skate cause there's a big ice skating ring in the mall. We first ate lunch then went ice skating. 

It was my second time going there and I'm not really a good ice skater @~@; I had to hold my friend's hand the whole time just to balance myself and so I won't get scared haha 

Here's a video haha! Sorry it was REAALLY shaky and lower your volume xD I didn't thought it was going to be this shaky haha. I wish I recorded Faith slipping haha. She screamed so loud, it was funny. At the end of the video, we were going to hold each others hands and the first person will pull us like a train. It was fun, but we only did it once cause Sarai had to leave :(

left to right: Faith, Me, Ashley, Joyce, and Sarai

 We took this picture before we left hehe. We didn't really took pictures with the guys. They don't really like taking pictures xP Oh and my friend Sarai didn't want to go ice skating with us because she was scared and she didn't know how to. 

So we left the mall. Sarai told us that her dad left already and the only she can go home is if we can drop her off at the Mexican border. The border isn't far from National City so we told her that we'll drop her off there.  It my first time actually going there. During our Senior year, we would always kid around that if Sarai gets left behind by her parents, we would tell her we'll drop her off at her house at Tijuana or maybe just at the border haha and now we actually dropped her off there this time xD

This is another video I took while we were walking her to the entrance of the Mexican Border. Another shaky video haha. Man.. what's wrong with me. I took horrible videos xD 

My last video for this post. Still kinda shaky lol. We said our goodbyes to Sarai. My phone cut off the part where I was telling her to take care and don't talk to strangers haha xD because she told us that she will ride a bus to get home or maybe get a taxi. It was her first time so we were kinda worried if she'll be okey by herself since its kinda dangerous in Tijuana but I told her that it'll be fine. She needs to learn how to be independent. She needs to grow haha! Even her brother said that to her when she was texting her. 

It was fun today. I get to hang out with them even though Joey wasn't there and Maria :( I wish I can hangout with me "lunch group" people before I leave. I really miss talking to them, laughing with them, and just being a fatty with them haha. High School was so much fun because of them :) Joyce dropped me off and she told me that we might go eat again at a Korean Restaurant next Saturday with Kuya Andrew and Maria. I told her I'm really broke .__. and she said she got me haha. Okay! Then lets go eat korean beef! HAHAHA! No seriously. I'm really broke because I helped pay for the shipping of my stuff. I have so much stuff D: haha. 

Anyway, this was a fun adventure for me with my friends. I will seriously miss my batch. ♥


xian said...

Awww... You know my first and last ice skating was when I was still in elementary~ it was still when there was ice skating rink in SM Megamall. It's gone and in MOA now XD haven't tried it again since then.

Glad you're having fun! :D

Joyce said...

looks like you girls had a lotta fun! nice stuff :D aww your friend is so nice to offer to pay at the korean restaurant next time =) i think that's what 'really good friends' do. it's like they'll pay this time but then, next time, it's your turn to pay :D


Pam said...

Aww, goodbyes are hard, but hey it isn't like you'll never see each other ever again right? :)

Aww, Ice skating is fun! I don't know how to ice skate too!! The first time I tried ice skating was when I was just waiting for our graduation ceremony's date to come and I don't have any classes to attend to anymore. That was probably the first and last because they removed the ice skating thing at SM Megamall already. Lol.

ineedareplay said...

They don't have the ice skating rink at SM Megamall anymore!? ;----; Whyyyy??

Jessica said...

Omg, the first and only time I ice skated, I clung to the railing.... Couldn't go to the center haha, and I definitely fell a few times. And wow, that video was so shaky, I thought it was mass chaos in the rink, but then I saw everyone else was skating to calmly haha

ineedareplay said...

Lol cause I was trying to balance on the ice haha xD I'm so sorry. I was scared to fall. I didn't know it was going to be that shaky.

Hiyono said...

First off, I like your cursors. Haha! Wee... lol. I hover on hyperlinks just so it would change. Haha.

KAINGGIT NAMAN. I used to skate - now when I step on ice I'm pretty sure I'd be falling from time to time. Gawin natin to sa Pinas, sis! 8D

I've watched worse videos, don't worry. Yours is comprehensible. XD

alex said...

ooo indoor iceskating! i actually never iceskated indoors before, haha! i give kudos to one of your friends there who is wearing shorts! haha.

glad you had fun! it's always great catching up with good old friends!

alex @

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ICE SKATING... but I haven't done so in a while. First time I tried, I was just like you, holding on for my dear life.

Also, ^ I totally didn't know they removed the rink at SM Megamall D:!!!!

Euri said...

How about importing disqus to use in your blogger? Not exactly sure how, but I'm seeing a lot of blogs use it. XD

ineedareplay said...

I did :< I tried to use Disqus. When I put it in my html code, it looked retarded. I don't know how to fix so I gave up xD but I really want to use Disqus.

Lixin said...

When I was still had my blog hosted on blogspot I updated whenever I liked. But I realise that every time I'm blogging on domains that I purchased, I must wait till I have at least 20 comments before I update again. For me, it is because I realise that NOBODY (maybe you will care, since this is what you wrote in your blog ;D) cares about older entries and they will only read the first one. Most of them only comment for the sake of getting more comments on their own blogs and thus they won't really care about older entries, which sucks. I don't want to blog for no one though yes I understand that blogs are personal things and shouldn't be controlled depending on how others want to view it. But I never had this "nobody reads my older entries" problem when I had free blogs. It's quite annoying, seriously.

I've never ice skate before though I've always wanted to try it! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

And you missed your friend at the airport? :( That's quite sad isn't it?

Bea said...

Lord. I'm deathly afraid of ice skating. I don't know how you do it at all XD

Louise said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I've never tried ice skating, I'm too scared I'd fall and look stupid! haha :)