Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mini Update

I've been so busy with school. Essays, Studying, Pojects, Presentations = No Sleep. This is just a mini update 'cause I feel bad not updating this blog haha when I'm on tumblr reblogging random things lol. When I get sleep, when my headache is gone, and when I'm done with school then I will be updating like crazy here cause I got lots of stuff to show you guys :3 My last day is next week on Monday after that then I'm done. Next year ulit :3 I'm excited! xD

  • Changed my background to a more Christmas-y feel.
  • Changed my cursor to a snowman and gingerbread boy, put a little sparkly to it hahaha.
  • Changed my song to Sitti's Ngayong Pasko. I hate the 'toooooot' intro of this video =__=;
  • Made a Poupee Girl. Added my Poupee window/screenshot in the sidebar. Add me if you have one!
That's all I did with my blog. I wish I can post more interesting stuff. Next time! Promise~
I'll post something that I did when I was bored so you guys can have something to comment about.

Enjoy listening! You can pause my YouTube player and don't put your volume on max hahaha. Hope you guys have a happy weekend~♫ 


Aencille said...

Uy, nice cover of Eyes on Me. Are you really a singer or something? Either way, you sound better than me, hands down. :P

I have Poupee Girl, too! But I think she died already. HAHAHA. My username there is AENCILLE♥, I think? :P

ineedareplay said...

Lol! She died?! That sucks D: ahahaha. I will add you :3

xD Thank you. I didn't think it was good hahaha. I wish I was a singer .__.

Hiyono said...

IKAW YUUUN!? OMG... nag flashback yung tawagan natin sa fone nun para sa Fatal Frame III! Haha. I miss you moar. *sniff*

Napansin ko nga mga changes sa layout mo. They're lovely. Yii! Paskong pasko na dito. Hihi.

Good luck with your school work, baby sis. I'm proud of you! Tama yan, no procrastination, ok?

Rashid said...

*clap clap clap with matching standing ovation*

Eyes on Me really is one of my favorites! I was like *wow* on your cover~ ^^ Good job! d(",)b

bigla rin tuloy ako nakaisip magxmas layout dahil sa update mo at nagulat rin ako nung iba yung narinig ko sa player mo, si Sitti naman ngayon~ hehe!

Pam said...

Aww life of a student. I miss it. Good luck with all the projects you have! Cute new background and mouse cursor!! I love Christmas and you blog feels soo much Christmas compared with mine.

I have a Poupee Girl!! Add meee! My username is erised. But I don't open it anymore. I'll try to open my Poupee Girl some time. Oh wow!! Ikaw yun? Galing.. You have a beautiful voice! :D

Jessica said...

Good luck on your school work! Just anticipate the nice holiday break :D And I really like how you already prepped your layout for xmas :D

Lixin said...

All the best with school and your presentations! :)

Love your new background and your cursor - so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas layout and the cool snowman cursor!!! I'm also in the midst of finishing up my online class. SIGH, can't wait to get it over with! (*_*)

-Rei (reverei)

Lixin said...

Thank you, Belleh, but I've already graduated and I'm waiting for the release of the GCE 'A' Level results in March. :) and sure! I'll link you, too. ^^ but I'm in Thailand now for my vacation so I'll link you when I come back!