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Mini Update

POSTED ON: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 @ 8:17 PM | 9 comments

I've been so busy with school. Essays, Studying, Pojects, Presentations = No Sleep. This is just a mini update 'cause I feel bad not updating this blog haha when I'm on tumblr reblogging random things lol. When I get sleep, when my headache is gone, and when I'm done with school then I will be updating like crazy here cause I got lots of stuff to show you guys :3 My last day is next week on Monday after that then I'm done. Next year ulit :3 I'm excited! xD

That's all I did with my blog. I wish I can post more interesting stuff. Next time! Promise~
I'll post something that I did when I was bored so you guys can have something to comment about.

Eyes on Me by xbelleh

Enjoy listening! You can pause my YouTube player and don't put your volume on max hahaha. Hope you guys have a happy weekend~♫ 

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